Tower Inspections, Removals, and Construction Projects

RSG Telecom collaborated with the Environmental Association to complete a series of projects at various locations throughout Northern Alberta. The projects encompassed guy tower inspections, tower removals, and construction activities aimed at enhancing communication infrastructure while minimizing environmental impact.

Scope of Work

  1. Guyed Tower Inspections: RSG Telecom conducted comprehensive inspections of existing guyed towers to assess structural integrity, identify potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety standards and regulatory requirements.
  2. Tower Removals: The team managed the removal of decommissioned or obsolete towers, adhering to environmental regulations and best practices to mitigate impacts on local ecosystems and wildlife habitats.
  3. Construction Projects: RSG Telecom executed construction projects to install new guy towers, antennas, and associated equipment, to improve communication capabilities for remote monitoring.

Key Achievements

  1. Safety and Compliance: RSG Telecom prioritized safety and compliance throughout the project, implementing rigorous safety protocols and adhering to environmental regulations to minimize environmental impact and ensure the well-being of personnel and the environment.
  2. Efficient Project Execution: The team’s expertise in project management and execution facilitated the efficient completion of the projects, meeting project timelines and objectives while optimizing resource utilization and minimizing disruptions.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: RSG Telecom demonstrated a commitment to environmental stewardship by implementing measures to minimize the ecological footprint of telecommunications infrastructure projects, including habitat assessments, wildlife monitoring, and restoration efforts.
  4. Community Engagement: The projects involved collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure transparency and foster community engagement.


RSG Telecom’s successful completion of the projects for the Environmental Association in Northern Alberta underscores our commitment to delivering sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions for critical infrastructure needs. By leveraging our expertise in tower inspections, removals, and construction, we have empowered the Environmental Association with enhanced communication capabilities while minimizing the environmental impact in the region. RSG is currently in the process of uploading the site locations and infrastructure to our Telecom Management System to assist with inspection alerts and a centralized repository for their reports, images, and drawings.