Guyed Tower Construction for Shaw/Rogers (Bear Mountain Tower)

RSG Telecom partnered with Shaw/Rogers to construct a 91-meter guyed tower to service a remote facility for one of their customers. The project involved site selection, land negotiations, permitting, power arrangements from BC Hydro, and fibre trenching to provide a primary backhaul to the tower. RSG Telecom’s NOC continuously monitors the network to ensure minimal disruptions and optimal performance.

Scope of Work

  1. Tower Construction: RSG Telecom managed the construction of a 91-meter guy tower to provide services to a remote facility for Shaw/Rogers. The tower was designed to meet industry standards for stability, durability, and height requirements.
  2. Site Selection and Permits: The team conducted thorough site surveys and assessments to select an optimal location for the tower. RSG Telecom also handled all permitting requirements, ensuring compliance with local regulations and obtaining necessary approvals for the construction of the tower.
  3. Power Arrangement: RSG Telecom coordinated with BC Hydro to arrange power supply to the tower site, ensuring reliable electricity access to support the site.
  4. Fibre Trenching: RSG Telecom recently trenched fibre to the tower site to provide primary backhaul connectivity (decommissioned existing PtP link).
  5. Antenna Installation: Our Tower Riggers successfully installed a point-to-point licensed link to the remote facility, delivering 300Mbps (scalable to 1Gbps).
  6. NOC Monitoring: RSG Telecom’s NOC provides continuous monitoring of the network infrastructure to detect and address any issues or disruptions promptly. This proactive monitoring ensures enhanced performance and minimizes downtime for Shaw/Rogers’ customer.

Key Achievements

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: The construction of the 91-meter guyed tower provided enhanced connectivity to the remote facility, enabling reliable communication and data transmission services.
  2. Efficient Project Execution: RSG Telecom’s expertise in project management and execution ensured the timely completion of the tower construction and fiber trenching projects, meeting Shaw/Rogers’ requirements and minimizing disruption to operations.
  3. Reliable Power Supply: The coordination with BC Hydro resulted in a reliable power supply arrangement for the tower site.
  4. Proactive Network Monitoring: RSG Telecom’s NOC continuously monitors the network infrastructure, enabling proactive detection and resolution of issues to minimize disruptions and ensure optimal network performance.


RSG Telecom’s successful completion of the guyed tower construction project for Shaw/Rogers demonstrates our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient telecom solutions. By leveraging our expertise in site selection, permitting, power arrangement, and network monitoring, we have empowered Shaw/Rogers with enhanced connectivity and seamless communication services for their remote facility. Our team is currently in the process of extending our coverage to the Groundbirch area.