Telecom Tower Installation for ATCO Electric Substation

RSG Telecom was contracted by ATCO Electric to deliver a comprehensive telecom solution for one of their substations. The project involved the fabrication, supply, delivery, and installation of a 23.5-meter self-supported telecom tower, along with associated components to enhance communication capabilities at the sub-station.

Scope of Work

  1. Tower Fabrication and Supply: RSG Telecom managed the fabrication and supply of a 23.5-meter self-support telecom tower, customized to meet the specific requirements and standards of ATCO Electric’s sub-station infrastructure.
  2. Tower Installation: The team oversaw the installation process, including site preparation, foundation construction, and tower construction, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards.
  3. Waveguide Bridge and Antenna Mounts: RSG Telecom provided and installed the waveguide bridge and antenna mounts to support the antennas. 
  4. Antenna System: Our team was responsible for the installation and commissioning of the microwave link to an existing site. 
  5. Tower Grounding System: RSG Telecom installed the grounding system to ensure electrical safety and protect against lightning strikes, mitigating risks to personnel and equipment operating within the substation.

Key Achievements

  1. Enhanced Communication Infrastructure: The telecom tower installation provided by RSG Telecom enhanced communication capabilities at ATCO Electric’s sub-station, enabling efficient and reliable communication for operational and safety purposes.
  2. Customized Solution: RSG Telecom delivered a customized telecom solution tailored to the unique requirements of ATCO Electric, incorporating industry best practices and standards to ensure accelerated performance and reliability.
  3. Timely Project Delivery: RSG Telecom’s expertise in project management and execution facilitated the timely completion of the project, meeting ATCO Electric’s requirements and minimizing disruption to its operations.
  4. Safety and Compliance: RSG Telecom prioritized safety throughout the project, implementing rigorous safety protocols and adhering to regulatory requirements to ensure the well-being of personnel and compliance with industry standards.


RSG Telecom’s successful delivery of the telecom tower installation project for ATCO Electric’s sub-station demonstrates our commitment to providing customized and reliable solutions for critical infrastructure applications.