AWSS Tower Construction for International Petroleum Corp (IPC)

RSG Telecom partnered with International Petroleum Corp (IPC) to construct two 40-meter AWSS (All-weld Self-Support) Towers to support their remote operations. The project involved accessing an existing Point of Presence (PoP) located 20 kilometers from IPC’s facility, obtaining necessary permits, and commissioning a licensed microwave link to deliver high-speed connectivity.

Scope of Work

  1. Tower Construction: RSG Telecom oversaw the construction of two 30-meter AWSS Towers at each sites, ensuring structural integrity, durability, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  2. Site Access and Permitting: The team coordinated site access logistics and obtained necessary permits to build the towers at both locations, navigating regulatory requirements and environmental considerations.
  3. Licensed Microwave Link: RSG Telecom commissioned a licensed microwave link to provide high-speed connectivity between IPC’s remote sites and the existing PoP, initially delivering 300Mbps with scalability to 1Gbps to meet IPC’s current and future bandwidth requirements.
  4. Network Operations Centre (NOC) Monitoring: RSG Telecom’s NOC (Network Operations Centre) monitors the network infrastructure to ensure optimal uptime, performance, and reliability, proactively addressing any issues or disruptions to maintain seamless communication for IPC’s operations.

Key Achievements

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: The construction of the Towers and commissioning of the licensed microwave link provides IPC with enhanced connectivity for their remote operations, enabling efficient communication and data transfer capabilities.
  2. Timely Project Execution: RSG Telecom’s expertise in project management and execution facilitated the timely completion of the project, meeting IPC’s requirements and minimizing downtime for their operations.
  3. Scalable Solution: The licensed microwave link offers scalability to accommodate IPC’s growing bandwidth needs, ensuring future-proof connectivity solutions for their remote sites.
  4. Reliability and Monitoring: RSG Telecom’s NOC monitors the network infrastructure to ensure peak uptime, reliability, and performance, providing IPC with peace of mind and responsive support for their communication needs.


RSG Telecom’s successful completion of the project for International Petroleum Corp (IPC) demonstrates our commitment to delivering customized and reliable telecommunications solutions for remote operational environments. By leveraging our expertise in tower construction, licensed microwave links, and network monitoring, we have empowered IPC with enhanced connectivity and communication capabilities to support their operations effectively and efficiently.