Recreational Facility – Cellular Enhancement

RSG Telecom was contacted by a popular recreational facility facing challenges with poor cellular service throughout its premises. The facility, which hosted a range of activities including sports events, concerts, and conferences, recognized the need to provide reliable cellular connectivity to enhance visitor experience and safety.


1. Poor Cellular Coverage: The facility suffered from dead zones and dropped calls due to inadequate cellular coverage, impacting visitor satisfaction and operational efficiency.

2. Varied Terrain: The facility encompassed diverse indoor and outdoor spaces with varying terrain, presenting challenges in ensuring uniform cellular coverage across the entire area.

3. High Capacity Requirements: With large crowds attending events and activities, the cellular network needed to support high volumes of simultaneous connections without degradation in performance.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: The solution needed to be cost-effective while delivering reliable and scalable cellular coverage to meet current and future demands.


Our team proposed the deployment of a Cell Boosting Distributed Antenna System (DAS), a centralized network infrastructure designed to enhance cellular coverage and capacity within the facility:

1. Site Survey and Analysis:

  • Our Engineer’s conducted a comprehensive site survey to assess the facility’s cellular coverage gaps, identify hightraffic areas, and evaluate the terrain to determine optimal antenna placement.

2. DAS Design and Engineering:

  • Based on the site analysis, our Solution Specialists developed a tailored DAS solution comprising strategically placed antennas, amplifiers, and fiber-optic cabling to ensure comprehensive coverage and capacity enhancement
  • The DAS design incorporated both indoor and outdoor coverage areas, addressing the facility’s diverse layout and terrain challenges.

3. Installation and Integration:

  • RSG’s Certified Field Technicians meticulously installed and integrated the DAS components, working closely with the facility’s staff to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.
  • The installation included a combination of ceiling-mounted and outdoor antennas, connected to centralized amplifiers and signal distribution units for optimal coverage and performance.

4. Testing and Optimization:

  • Our Technician’s conducted rigorous testing and optimization of the DAS system to ensure seamless integration with existing cellular networks, minimize interference, and maximize signal quality and coverage.
  • Field measurements and signal propagation tests were performed to fine-tune the system for optimal performance across all areas of the facility.


1. Improved Cellular Coverage: The DAS solution significantly improved cellular coverage throughout the facility, eliminating dead zones and ensuring reliable connectivity for visitors and staff.

2. Enhanced Visitor Experience: With improved cellular service, visitors could now enjoy uninterrupted communication, access mobile apps, and stay connected during events, enhancing their overall experience

3. Operational Efficiency: The reliable cellular connectivity enabled staff to communicate effectively, coordinate operations, and respond promptly to emergencies, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

4. Scalability and Future-Proofing: The DAS solution was designed with scalability in mind, allowing for future expansion and upgrades to accommodate evolving cellular technologies and increased capacity demands.


By deploying a Cell Boosting Distributed Antenna System (DAS), RSG Telecom successfully addressed the challenges of poor cellular service at the recreational facility, delivering comprehensive coverage, enhanced capacity, and improved visitor experience. The solution not only met the immediate needs of the facility but also provided a scalable and future-proofed infrastructure to support ongoing growth and technological advancements.