Municipality – Network Operator

Clearwater County, a rural area in Central Alberta, had previously invested in the development of a fibre and wireless network to improve connectivity and support economic growth. Seeking a partner to manage and operate the network, Clearwater County chose RSG Telecom through a competitive selection process.


1. Network Management: Clearwater County required a partner with the expertise and resources to effectively manage and operate its existing fiber and wireless network infrastructure.

2. Service Reliability: The county sought assurances that the network operator would ensure reliable and high-quality service delivery to residents, businesses, and public institutions.

3. Technological Advancements: RSG needed to demonstrate its ability to leverage technological advancements and industry best practices to optimize the performance and efficiency of the network.

4. Community Engagement: Clearwater County prioritized community engagement and transparency, requiring the network operator to actively involve stakeholders and address the needs and concerns of local residents and businesses.


RSG proposed a comprehensive solution to meet Clearwater County’s network management needs and objectives:

1. Network Operations and Maintenance:

RSG committed to providing end-to-end network operations and maintenance services, including monitoring, and troubleshooting. Our team of skilled Technicians and Engineers would be available to assist with civil and technical activities associated with the network.

2. Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

The proposed SLAs outline performance metrics, response times, and service guarantees to ensure accountability and transparency in service delivery. Clearwater County and Telecom Providers have clear expectations regarding service quality and reliability.

3. Community Engagement and Support:

RSG pledged to engage with the local community, stakeholders, telecom providers, and elected officials to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure alignment with Clearwater County’s goals and priorities.

Regular communication channels, community meetings, and feedback mechanisms are established to foster transparency and accountability for the network.


1. Reliable Service Delivery: RSG Telecom’s management of Clearwater County’s fibre and wireless network ensure reliable and high-quality service delivery to the Telecom Providers/IPS’s.

2. Enhanced Community Engagement: RSG’s commitment to community engagement and support fosters trust, transparency, and collaboration with local stakeholders, ensuring alignment with Clearwater County’s needs and priorities.

3. Economic Development: The reliable and high-speed connectivity provided by Clearwater County’s network contributes to economic development initiatives, attracting businesses, supporting remote work opportunities, and driving innovation in Clearwater County.


RSG’s successful bid for the network operator role in managing Clearwater County’s existing fiber and wireless infrastructure demonstrated its ability to meet the county’s network management needs and objectives. Through its expertise, commitment to service excellence, and dedication to community engagement, RSG has helped Clearwater County realize the full potential of its telecommunications infrastructure for the benefit of its residents and businesses.