Commercial Facility – Managed Video As A Service (MVAAS)

RSG Telecom was commissioned by a large commercial facility seeking to enhance its security and operational efficiency through advanced video monitoring technology. The client aimed to implement a solution that not only provided real-time surveillance but also leveraged analytics for proactive threat detection and operational insights.


1. Comprehensive Surveillance: The facility required a video monitoring system capable of providing comprehensive coverage of both indoor and outdoor areas, including parking lots, entrances, corridors, and storage areas.

2. Real-Time Threat Detection: The client sought a solution that could detect and alert security personnel to potential threats in real-time, such as unauthorized access, suspicious behavior, or perimeter breaches.

3. Operational Insights: In addition to security, the client wanted to leverage video analytics to gain insights into operational efficiency, such as crowd monitoring, traffic flow analysis, and occupancy tracking.

4. Scalability and Integration: The solution needed to be scalable to accommodate future expansion of the facility and integrate seamlessly with existing security systems and infrastructure.


RSG, along with our channel partner proposed a comprehensive video monitoring solution that combined state-of-the-art cameras, video management software, and advanced analytics capabilities:

1. Site Survey and Assessment:

  • RSG conducted a detailed site survey to assess the layout, infrastructure, and security requirements of the commercial facility.
  • The survey helped identify key areas for surveillance, potential blind spots, and specific security challenges that needed to be addressed.

2. Camera Selection and Placement:

  • Based on the site survey, RSG recommended a combination of high-resolution IP cameras, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, and specialized cameras for day/night vision and outdoor use.
  • Cameras were strategically placed to provide optimal coverage of critical areas while minimizing blind spots and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

3. Cloud Video Management Software (VMS):

  • Rigstar implemented a robust Video Management Software (VMS) platform capable of centralized management, live monitoring, and playback of recorded footage from all cameras.
  • The VMS provides intuitive user interfaces and customizable dashboards for enhanced functionality and ease of use.

4. Advanced Analytics Integration:

  • The integrated advanced video analytics capabilities into the monitoring system, includes:
    • Object detection and tracking for people, vehicles, and other objects of interest.
    • Crowd monitoring and density analysis for managing large gatherings and events.
    • Perimeter intrusion detection for alerting security personnel to unauthorized access attempts.
  • These analytics algorithms were configured to generate real-time alerts and notifications based on predefined rules and thresholds, enabling proactive threat detection and rapid response.


1. Enhanced Security: The video monitoring system significantly enhanced security at the commercial facility, providing real-time surveillance, threat detection, and rapid response capabilities.

2. Operational Efficiency: The integration of analytics allowed the client to gain valuable insights into operational efficiency, such as crowd dynamics, traffic patterns, and facility utilization, enabling datadriven decision-making and resource optimization.

3. Scalability and Integration: The design of the monitoring system ensured scalability to accommodate future expansion of the facility, while seamless integration with existing security infrastructure minimized disruptions and maximized ROI.

4. Improved Incident Response: By enabling security personnel to proactively identify and respond to potential threats, the video monitoring system helped mitigate risks and minimize the impact of security incidents on the facility’s operations and reputation.


The intelligent video monitoring solution provided the commercial facility with a comprehensive and scalable security infrastructure capable of real-time surveillance, threat detection, and operational insights. By leveraging advanced analytics and state-of-the-art technology, the solution not only enhanced security but also empowered the client to optimize operational efficiency and adapt to evolving security challenges.