Coastal Gaslink – Primary Telecom Provider

TC Energy embarked on the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, a major infrastructure project spanning 670 kilometers through rugged and remote terrain in British Columbia. To support the construction workforce camps and ensure efficient operations, RSG Telecom was awarded the Primary Telecom Provider contract, requiring a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure deployment.


1. Remote and Rugged Terrain: The selected areas presented significant challenges in terms of terrain, accessibility, and environmental conditions, necessitating specialized telecommunications solutions.

2. Large Workforce Camps: With 16 workforce camps housing over 6,000+ workers, the infrastructure is engineered to support high-volume voice, data, and video communications.

3. Diverse Services: The project required a wide range of telecommunication services, including network engineering, broadband Internet, two-way radio, cellular enhancement, TV services, and network monitoring.

4. Timeline and Scale: RSG Telecom had to deploy and manage the telecommunication infrastructure within tight timelines to support the construction phase of the Coastal GasLink pipeline.


RSG Telecom devised a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique requirements of the Coastal GasLink project:

1. Network Engineering and Design:

  • Our team conducted thorough engineering and design hours to determine the optimal layout and configuration of the network, considering terrain, coverage requirements, and scalability.
  • The design incorporated redundancy and resilience to ensure continuous operation and minimize service disruptions.

2. Site Selection and Permitting:

  • After extensive research and helicopter surveys our team identified suitable locations for tower construction, repeater sites, and telecom facilities, considering factors such as terrain elevation, line-of-sight, and environmental impact.
  • RSG managed the permitting process, obtaining necessary approvals from regulatory authorities and landowners to ensure compliance with local regulations.

3. Tower Construction and Repeater Deployment:

  • RSG constructed towers and deployed eight mountain-top repeaters strategically positioned to provide extensive coverage across the project area, enabling seamless communication in remote locations.
  • The repeaters were equipped with high-capacity broadband links to deliver symmetrical circuits ranging from 300Mbps to 1Gbps, supporting high-speed Internet access for the workforce camps

4. Broadband via Wireless and Fibre:

  • RSG deployed a hybrid system comprising of wireless and fibre-optic technology to deliver high-speed broadband Internet services to the camps and Field Offices.
  • Symmetrical circuits ranging from 300Mbps to 1Gbps were provisioned to meet the diverse connectivity needs of the construction crews, project management teams, and support staff.

5. Two-Way Radio and Cellular Enhancement:

  • RSG implemented two-way radio systems and cellular enhancement solutions to provide reliable voice communication for field personnel and enhance cellular coverage in remote areas.
  • The solutions ensured reliable communication and coordination among construction crews and project stakeholders.

6. TV Services and Network Monitoring::

  • RSG provided TV services to the workforce camps, offering entertainment and informational content to enhance the living conditions of the workers.
  • Network monitoring tools and systems were implemented to proactively monitor the performance and health of the entire network, enabling timely troubleshooting and maintenance.


1. Enhanced Connectivity: RSG Telecom’s comprehensive network provided reliable and high-speed connectivity to support the construction workforce camps across the Coastal GasLink project area.

2. Improved Efficiency: The telecom solution facilitated seamless communication and collaboration among construction crews, project management teams, and support staff, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

3. Safety and Security: Reliable voice communication via two-way radio systems and enhanced cellular coverage improved safety and security for field personnel working in remote and rugged terrain.

4. Quality of Life: TV services and Internet improved the quality of life for workers in the remote workforce camps, providing entertainment, communication, and access to essential services.


RSG Telecom’s successful execution of the Coastal GasLink project for TC Energy demonstrates RSG’s expertise, innovation, and commitment to delivering comprehensive telecommunication solutions for complex infrastructure projects. By overcoming challenges and leveraging advanced technologies, RSG Telecom ensured seamless communication, enhanced connectivity, and improved quality of life for the construction workforce across rugged and remote locations.