Carrier – Greenfield Project (LTE Expansion)

A leading telecommunications provider, sought to expand its LTE coverage in a strategic location to meet growing demand and enhance network capacity and performance. RSG Telecom was selected as the trusted partner to execute the greenfield project, involving the construction of a monopole, telecom compound, and installation of cabinets and LTE hardware.


1. Site Selection and Acquisition (Outside of Scope): Identifying and securing an optimal site for the LTE expansion project, considering factors such as coverage area, zoning regulations, and environmental impact assessments.

2. Construction and Permitting: Managing the construction process, including obtaining necessary permits, adhering to safety regulations, and coordinating with local authorities and stakeholders.

3. Equipment Installation: Installing and configuring cabinets and LTE hardware to ensure seamless integration with the Carrier’s existing network infrastructure.

4. Timeline and Budget Management: Ensuring project delivery within specified timelines and budget constraints, while maintaining quality and meeting performance


RSG Telecom devised a comprehensive solution to address the Carrier’s LTE expansion needs and overcome project challenges:

1. Construction:

  • RSG committed to providing end-to-end network operations and maintenance services, including monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Our team of skilled Technicians and Engineers would be available to assist with civil and technical activities associated with the network.

2. Equipment Procurement and Installation:

  • RSG the necessary equipment from trusted suppliers, ensuring quality and compatibility with Carrier’s network.
  • The company’s skilled technicians installed and configured the equipment, conducting thorough testing and integration to ensure seamless operation and performance.

3. Project Management and Coordination:

  • RSG adopts the PMI methodologies to oversee all aspects of the LTE expansion project, including scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management.
  • Our PMO maintained an open communication channel with the Carrier and other stakeholders, providing regular updates and addressing any issues or concerns promptly.


1. Expanded LTE Coverage: The LTE project significantly expanded the Carrier’s LTE coverage in the targeted area, improving network reliability, speed, and capacity for their customers.

2. Timely Delivery: RSG delivered the project within the specified timelines, meeting the Carrier’s expectations for project completion.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: RSG’s efficient project management and procurement practices ensured the LTE expansion project was completed within budget.

4. Quality and Compliance: The project adhered to strict quality standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance with industry best practices.


RSG Telecom’s successful execution of the LTE Expansion project for the Carrier exemplifies the company’s expertise, dedication, and commitment to delivering high-quality telecommunication infrastructure solutions. By overcoming challenges and leveraging its technical capabilities and project management expertise, RSG helped the Carrier expand its LTE coverage, enhance network performance, and meet the growing demand for high-speed mobile connectivity.